Policy Services
Develop security policy
Develop security operational standards

Operational Services

Conduct Security Incidents and Investigations
Conduct Criminal and/or Security Intelligence Analysis
Conduct Physical Building Inspections
Conduct Threats & Risk Assessments
Training Services

Design, develop and deliver training workshops such as:

Investigating security
Analyzing security
Developing operational




Conduct Security Incidents & Investigations

Investigations are directed at breaches under the Security of Information Act or breaches of Information Technology Security.

Conduct Criminal and/or Security Intelligence Analysis

Intelligence is collected and information collated and analyzed to determine:

  • Patterns
  • Organizational structure
  • Scope of activities
  • Direct and indirect associations
  • Source of income
  • Type of equipment used by the organization
  • Vulnerability
  • Best point of attack
  • Operational recommendation.

The information is incorporated in an Intelligence Analysis Report and includes a Threat and Risk Assessment of the situation.  The Report is intended for the client department to disseminate to the restricted intelligence community.

Conduct Physical Building Inspections

Various buildings are inspected to ensure that physical security needs are addressed and deficiencies corrected in accordance with the RCMP security requirements. A final Physical Security Report is presented to the client department.

Conduct Threat & Risk Assessments

Using intelligence and/or information provided by the client department, Threat and Risk Assessments are conducted using templates referred to in the Operational Standards.