Seeker Business
Web Award

Dare Human Resources has recently won the Seeker Business Web award. This award is presented to businesses that strive to build a better Internet and practice safe and honest business transactions.

New Look

Dare Human Resources has enhanced its look and implemented many new programs and services in response to our diverse client needs. We appreciate your feedback and welcome your suggestions. Please share your interests, experience and feedback with us.


DareHR has EXPANDED and now includes additional office space and people in response to the growing demands of our clients. As our facility now includes the 17th floor at 275 Slater Street, please be sure to let us know when you can be expected!

Referral Program

DareHR encourages our clients, friends and team of professionals to engage in continuous referral programs. We are proud of all our business relationships and would be pleased to discuss our many incentive programs around individual contributions. Please email us at for further information.


News items will be updated monthly. Please send any items you would like mentioned in our web site to

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